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Ukraine Before the Elections

Eurasia Outlook October 13, 2014

Despite positive messaging surrounding the forthcoming parliamentary elections, the picture of progress may only be a façade.


Worse Than the Cold War

Eurasia Outlook September 16, 2014

The growing hostility between the Russian and American societies accompanies the tensions in state bilateral relations.


Missile Seasoning Spices Up the Ukrainian Dish

Eurasia Outlook August 19, 2014

If Russia would like to preserve the INF Treaty, it is expected to present explanations that would refute the American accusations, but, on the contrary, the highest-ranking Russian officials have expressed their reservations as to the benefits of the treaty. However, Russia should not seriously compromise its long-term security yet again while pursuing tactical goals.


Is the World Falling Apart?


Carnegie experts assess the instability around the world and today’s foremost geopolitical hotspots—it’s much-needed sober analysis during heady times.

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China’s Victory in Ukraine

Project Syndicate July 31, 2014

China has no interest in Russia succumbing to U.S. pressure, breaking apart, or becoming a global power. Its interests are in keeping Russia as its stable strategic hinterland and a natural-resource base.

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