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Ukraine and the Aftermath of the Downing of Flight MH17

Guardian July 19, 2014

An immediate ceasefire and independent inquiry into the Malaysia Airlines plane crash are necessary to reverse the trend toward mutual destruction in Ukraine.


Iran, Russia, and the Ukrainian Crisis

National Interest July 17, 2014

The fundamental dilemma of Moscow’s policy lies in whether it is worth cooperating to achieve a comprehensive agreement with Iran, which would primarily be a success for the United States, under conditions of confrontation with the West over Ukraine.


How the EU Sleepwalked Into a Conflict With Russia

Article July 10, 2014

The EU and Russia are fighting over their joint neighborhood, and the stakes are too high for either side to back down. Can they bridge their divides?


The Ukraine Crisis and the Resumption of Great-Power Rivalry

Paper July 9, 2014

Russia has stepped forward in Ukraine to protect its vital interests—which the West saw as aggression by a revisionist power. The ensuing conflict will last long and have an impact far beyond Europe.


U.S. Sanctions May Aid Russian Reform

Global Times July 7, 2014

Russia could use the U.S.-led sanctions to begin its long-delayed re-industrialization and to start building a modern economy.


Moscow’s Task Is to Build a Nation Not an Empire

Financial Times July 1, 2014

If Russia wants to stay in the game of global competition, it has no choice but to work toward becoming a civic nation, a rules-based polity, and a modern economy.


Power Shift in Eurasia

Eurasia Outlook June 16, 2014

In mid-2014, the United States’ relations with China and Russia are substantially worse than those two countries’ bilateral relations. The unique position that the United States has held since the 1990s as the dominant power in Eurasia is now history.


Russia and U.S. Will Try to Win Over India. Good Luck!

Russia Direct June 13, 2014

With Prime Minister Narendra Modi coming to power in India, both Russia and the United States are hopeful that they can influence the new foreign policy agenda in this country.

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The Global Dynamics of the Syrian Conflict

Series June 9, 2014

Carnegie experts from all over the world analyze external actors’ strategic and geopolitical interests in Syria and the attempts made to protect those interests amid an ongoing civil war.

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