What’s Next for Ukraine?

April 9, 2014

The crisis in Ukraine is far from over. Read comprehensive analysis from Brussels, Moscow, and Washington and follow Carnegie experts on Twitter for instant reactions.

Latest Analysis

The Mystery of Russian Strategy for Ukraine
Eugene Rumer, Eurasia Outlook

Ukraine: Weekend Rendez-Vous With History
Dmitri Trenin, Eurasia Outlook

Ukraine’s Defense Dilemma
Judy Dempsey, Strategic Europe

NATO Must Avoid New Cold War Borders
Judy Dempsey, Strategic Europe


Nuclear Zero After Crimea

National Interest April 5, 2014

Today, five years after Obama’s Prague speech, the idea of seeking to eliminate all nuclear weapons has nearly evaporated from international politics.


Erdoğan’s Pyrrhic Victory

Project Syndicate April 3, 2014

Erdoğan’s triumph in local elections is unlikely to ameliorate the country’s internal conflicts, much less revive its tarnished international standing.


Moscow Determined to Follow Its Own Path

Global Times April 1, 2014

Moscow has demonstrated its strong determination to follow its own path on the world scene and build its own economic, political, and military base.


Does the Afghan Presidential Election Matter?

Article March 31, 2014

After the election, the holders of effective power in Afghanistan, and their governing styles, may look quite familiar.

Topics Discussed

What Are the Global Implications of the Ukraine Crisis?


Everything you need to know about how the Ukraine crisis will influence Putin’s next moves, European and U.S. interests, China’s stance, the Syrian war, and nuclear talks with Iran.


Merkel Is Ready to Confront Putin

Interpreter March 27, 2014

Angela Merkel’s trust in Putin has been deeply shattered. While Merkel is ready for a confrontational approach toward Russia, she must be very cautious not to get too far outside the mainstream.


In Taking Crimea, Putin Will Lose Central Asia and the Caucasus

Foreign Policy Journal March 24, 2014

Putin’s gambit in Ukraine will give him prestige in Russia and a strategic advantage in the Black Sea, but it could weaken Russia’s position in the rest of the former Soviet empire and undermine Putin’s Eurasian Union project.


The End of Free Press in Russia

Eurasia Outlook March 14, 2014

The Ukrainian crisis has intensified the Kremlin’s crackdown on the Russian media. Nongovernment media simply no longer belong in today’s Russia.

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